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Bike Assembly

"Bike Assembly Service Near Me"

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Bike Assembly Services

  • Do you have a bike in a box that needs to be assembled?
  • Did you purchase a bike from a big box store or get one given to you?
  • Have you ever wondered where can I get a bike assembled?
  • If you've had a bike shipped to you and it needs to be put together we're here to help.
  • Our expert bike assemblers will assemble your bike safely and we'll cover the assembly with a free service period once it's ready to roll.
  • If you are not a trained professional do not attempt assembly yourself due to serious safety concerns!
  • While the bike is at the store we can add any accessories you may want to put on your bike such as bike lights, bags, racks & H2O holders etc.
  • If the bike is used and in need of replacement parts this is a great time to get that done as well.
  • How much does it cost to for us to put your bike together?
  • Minimum geared bike assembly charge starts at $150 and varies depending on new vs. used and type of bike being assembled. 
  • Single speed bikes start at $100.00.
  • E-Bike assembly starts at $200.00
  • So please make an appointment and we'll get you rolling!

Any other questions please text or email us at text