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Bike Buyer's Guides

This page houses all our bike buyer's guides, where we look at individual categories of bikes (like fixies, gravel bikes, kids bikes, etc) and give you helpful info that can assist you in making a decision for which bike to buy. So check out our articles and see if we can help you find a winner!


Bike Buyer's Guide

The page is a general look at the different types of bikes and appropriate sizes if you're looking for your first real bike, or your first bike in a while. If you're new to riding, start here!

Kids bike guide

Kids Bike Buyer's Guide

Kids bikes can be tough to buy, but we can help you do some research and get on the right track!

gravel bike guide

Gravel Bike Buyer's Guide

If you want to explore backroads, go bikepacking, or just have a super fun do-it-all bike, check out our gravel bike buyer's guide.

carbon fiber bikes guide

Carbon Fiber Bikes Guide

Carbon fiber is one of the best frame materials for bikes of just about every style. Read this article to learn whether a carbon frame makes sense for you.

fixie bike guide

Fixie Bikes Guide

Fixed gear bikes, or fixies, are the ultimate urban bicycle in many riders' opinions. Read this guide to learn all about them and find one for you.

best bikes under 500

Best Bikes Under $500

Looking to for a ride that won't let you down at a killer price? Check out our Best Bikes Under $500.

best road bikes under 1000

Best Road Bikes Under $1,000

Road bikes are fast and fun on the pavement, but you don't need to spend an arm and a leg to get one. Check out these great road bikes under $1,000 here.

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