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Brand Guides

Buying a new bike is always better when it's from a brand you trust. We've compiled several guides to some of our favorite bike brands below so you can compare and contrast models from the companies that people love.

Trek Bikes Guide

Trek is our biggest and most popular brand here at Dedham Bike. No matter who you are or how you ride, Trek makes a bike for you. Check out the guide to see what we mean.

trek mountain bikes guide

Trek Mountain Bikes Guide

Trek mountain bikes are great for having fun on the trails and there are lots of price points for every level.

trek road bikes guide

Trek Road Bikes Guide

Trek road bikes are come in several styles so you can find something for racing, exploring, and everything in between.

trek hybrid bikes guide

Trek Hybrid Bikes Guide

Trek hybrid bikes are perfect for cruising around town, exploring mellow trails, and commuting to work. Find your perfect ride here.

cannondale bike buyer's guide

Cannondale Bikes Guide

Cannondale bikes is another major brand that has a model for just about every style of riding. Check out the awesome rides here.

retrospec brand guide

Retrospec Bikes Guide

Retrospec bikes are great urban commuters and general use models that are affordable, stylish, and super reliable.

gt bikes guide

GT Bikes Guide

GT makes great mountain bikes, BMX bikes, and kids bikes that are built for fun and a blast to ride.

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