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Trek Project One

Build your own Trek bike with Trek's Custom Bike Program

Have You Seen The Incredible Looking Newly Released ICON Paint Schemes?

When you choose to bring your custom Trek to life these new high pop options will be available to you!

You love riding bikes. You dream about it at night.  It's there when you wake up.  You unwind your busy life by reeling off mile after mile on the road, singletrack, and gravel paths.  

It's time to take your passion to the next level and build your own Trek bike that's made just for you.

The Project One (sometimes referred to as Trek Project 1) program allows you to pick your favorite road, mountain, or triathlon bike and pick the bike parts, and custom paint that will make your heart sing every time you jump on your bicycle. You want a metallic flame job?  We're on it.  You want a X01 1 x 12 on a custom Fuel EX mountain bike? This Trek bike builder makes it easy.

Step 1: Pick Your Custom Trek Bike

Pick your Custiom Road Bike or Custom Mountain Bike

Whether you live for long days on the road or flowy singletrack with technical climbs, the Trek Project One's bike builder will help you create the perfect custom bike for you and the way you ride. Choose from Trek's most popular road, gravel, mountain, and electric bike models. We've listed them all below for you to check out!

Step 2: Pick your Trek Custom Paint

Pick your custom bike paint job

If you can dream it, Trek's Custom Paint team can make your dream come alive.

Thousands of custom bike colors and design schemes, from boldly simple to outrageously cool, are brought to impeccable life by the best bike paint artists in the cycling industry.

Step 3: Pick Your Custom Bike Components

Choose Your Custom Bike Parts

The best custom bikes with the bike parts you dream about.

 You can spec every component so that the bike is exactly what you want: from wheelset and component group to saddle and cable housing, or choose one of Trek's preconfigured combinations for a ride that's tried and true.

Why build your Project One bike with Dedham Bike?

We get. Investing in a Trek Project One bike is a big deal. This is your dream bike we're talking about! So don't just any old shop. At Dedham Bike we've got the Project One experience to help make the process seamless so you can get exactly what you want. We're here to help every step of the way and we've helped lots of riders just like you create the bike of their dreams. 

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Trek Madone Project One Custom Road Bike

Trek Madone Project One

Why choose a custom Trek Madone?

The Trek Madone is the ultimate race bike, designed for all out speed that will take you to the podium and beyond. It's hyper lightweight, aerodynamic, and super responsive, so you can smash your biggest cycling goals.

Trek Domane Project One Custom Road Bike

Trek Domane Project One

Why choose a custom Trek Domane?

The Trek Domane is all about speed and comfort on epic endurance-style rides. It's designed to smooth out the road chatter so you can focus on riding and forget about fatigue.

Trek Emonda Project One Custom Road Bike

Trek Emonda Project One

Why choose a custom Trek Emonda?

The Trek Eonda is one of the lightest, best-handling road bikes on the market. It's designed to leave the competition behind on both the climbs and descents.

Trek Checkpoint Project One Custom Gravel Bike

Trek Checkpoint Project One

Why choose a custom Trek Checkpoint?

The Trek Checkpoint is the king of gravel bikes, blurring the lines between elite gravel race bike and adventure-ready bikepacking machine. It's designed for all-terrain capability and multi-surface speed.

Trek Top Fuel Project One Custom Mountain Bike

Trek Top Fuel Project One

Why choose a custom Trek Top Fuel?

The Trek Top Fuel is an incredibly fun and versatile mountain bike that's at home on gnarly XC courses and challenging local trails. It's designed to give you serious race day speed while providing plenty of fun on epic downcountry rides.

Trek Slash Project One Custom Mountain Bike

Trek Slash Project One

Why choose a custom Trek Slash?

The Trek Slash is a wildly fast enduro bike that can handle any descent you point it at. It's designed for maximum speed and control on the worlds toughest enduro courses and trails.

Trek Supercaliber Project One Custom Mountain Bike

Trek Supercaliber Project One

Why choose a custom Trek Supercaliber?

The Trek Supercaliber is your secret weapon at the XC race course. This innovative, race-winning bike's IsoStrut technology allows it to retain high pedaling power and efficieny while soothing out the rough sections for faster overall times.

Trek Rail Project One Custom Electric Mountain Bike

Trek Rail Project One

Why choose a custom Trek Rail?

The Trek Rail is one of the most capable electric mountain bikes on the market. It feels just like an elite enduro bike on the descents, while giving you a self-shuttling boost so you can lap your favorite trails all day long.

Trek Domane+ Project One Custom Electric Road Bike

Trek Domane+ Project One

Why choose a custom Trek Domane+?

The Trek Domane+ is a shockingly lightweight electric road bike that allows you to push your boundaries. Detach the Fazua drive system for a classic road ride, or keep it in to ride faster, farther, and longer than ever.

Trek E-Caliber+ Project One Custom Electric Mountain Bike

Trek E-Caliber Project One

Why choose a custom Trek E-Caliber+?

The Trek E-Caliber+ is a lightweight electric mountain bike designed to give you extra power on XC style rides while retaining the most natural mountain bike feel possible. The result? You'll ride more trails in less time.