Monthly Archives: July 2012

Deer Spotting

I’ve been hitting the elliptical machine every morning, but I can only stand about 25 minutes staring at the same patch of wall.  Music and downloaded Futurama re-runs don’t help much.  Tonight, I was also a little “blah” about scouting the same spots in the park.  The two issues came together nicely when I decided […]

Deer Spotting

As I learn more about my camera, I’ve started to mess with the shutter speed settings.  This has allowed me to take some slightly less blurry shots 🙂  These were taken at 8:30pm, and didn’t suffer from low light at all. This yearling whitetail doe was so easygoing (and new to the world) she didn’t […]

New Deer Cart!

Last year, I was lucky enough to land this bad boy: It’s a funny story.  It was opening day of deer season, a Saturday, and Jonathan and I had planned to go to 6:30pm Mass so Sunday would be free and clear for hunting.  We agreed that we had to start heading back to the […]

The Difference Between Mule and Whitetail Deer

Mule Deer vs. Whitetail Deer It’s important to properly identify any animal you’re about to hunt. Since some states have an overlap of whitetail and mule deer, and different rules for each, telling them apart can sometimes be critical. Here is what a mule deer looks like: And here is what a whitetail deer looks like: First, […]

New Wildlife Camera!

My wife surprised me this week by finding an inexpensive camera on CraigsList for my hunting trips!  It’s great for both of us.  I’d been talking about wanting to take a camera out to deer camp so that if I got mine early I could scout around and photograph any other wildlife I ran into. […]

Shell Game

On my first deer hunting trip last year money was a little tight and so I had to borrow one of my brother’s rifles, a .357Magnum. It ended up not having enough stopping power to be legally used (though in the 2012 deer season, it is legal to use) and so I asked my hunting […]

Deer Camp 2012

This is an exciting year – the first year of Windmill 12‘s Deer Camp!  Jaime has outlined the important information and steps you need to be aware of to be a part of this trip.  Please read through this carefully! Buy Your Permit On July 9th at 1pm Central, Nebraska deer permits go on sale […]