Deer Camp 2012

This is an exciting year – the first year of Windmill 12‘s Deer Camp!  Jaime has outlined the important information and steps you need to be aware of to be a part of this trip.  Please read through this carefully!

Buy Your Permit

On July 9th at 1pm Central, Nebraska deer permits go on sale for the 2012 season. We will be hunting in the Calamus West region, so be sure to buy your permits for that area.  In Nebraska, you do have to specify the region where you’ll be hunting when you buy the permit, and it will only be valid in that region.

It’s important to buy your permits early, when Nebraska also gives out any available bonus tags.  There’s no guarantee we’ll be able to use them, since last year you could only harvest a single deer per hunter from the Nebraska National Forest where we’ll be camping.  But it’s good to have, and it’s a way to “commit” to the group so we know we can count on you.

To purhase your permit, go to this page:

Nebraska Game & Parks

…and click, uh, “Deer Permits” 🙂 You’ll have to pay for a deer permit and a habitat stamp. If you’ve already bought a Nebraska fishing license or other hunting permit this year, you don’t need to pay the habitat stamp fee again, so you’ll save $20.  It pays to hunt in bulk! If you’re a Nebraska resident, the permit/stamp combo will run you $50.  If you’re out of state like Jaime, it will run a whopping $229, but come with the satisfaction of swiping another state’s deer 🙂

Save The Dates

Deer season this year is November 10-18. Deer camp will be November 9-14.  We’ll meet early morning Friday the 9th, and drive out to the Nebraska National Forest near Halsey:

We’ll setup camp when we get there, then spend the last 2-3 hours of daylight on a scouting run.  We’ll get everybody familiar with the area, the trails, where you can and can’t drive, and where some good spots might be.  The season officially starts the next day.

We’re tentatively planning to stay through Tuesday, with Wednesday being a return/cheat day.  We’ll pack up camp and head home. If somebody still needs their deer, and their driving buddies are open to it, they can hunt in the morning while the others pack up camp, and possibly the afternoon if they’re open to heading home late.  If ride buddies need to leave early they obviously can, but we hope everyone can stay for the full camp.

Gather Supplies

We’ll publish a full supply list later so we can coordinate who brings what.  But for now, everybody will basically need:

  • A place to sleep.  Jaime and Jonathan are using a tent with a couple air mattresses, zero-degree sleeping bags, and heater. They went without the heater last year, and survived. It doesn’t need to be fancy. You can also bring a camper, the back of a pickup, whatever you want.  There are hotels nearby, but they book up fast and you should know that the rest of us will be making fun of you while you’re gone 🙂 (read more about shelter)
  • A rifle. If you’re new to deer hunting, someone might have a rifle you can use/share. Just make sure you make these arrangements in advance! (read more about firearms)
  • An optional shotgun. For those of us who bag our deer early, we might have a chance to do some rabbit hunting.
  • Camping gear. You’ll need a sleeping bag rated for zero degrees, unless you have a heated camper.  Err on the side of caution! Together, we’ll coordinate supplies like firewood, dishes, food, and such.
  • Hunting clothing. Read up on what you’ll need.

Be Prepared!

Read up on how to be properly prepared for Deer Camp.

Stay Tuned

This site is here to help us coordinate an awesome Deer Camp. Check back often to keep up to date!


One comment

  1. tonynebraska · · Reply

    I will need a little luck & skill to get a deer (or 2) on November 10th or 11th. I have some
    seminars scheduled to begin on the 13th and I need to pick up the speaker on the 12th. This means that I would stay through Sunday afternoon and drive home that night (11th.) If that is the case, then I will drive a 2nd Lincoln vehicle to take supplies.

    We are just beginning to market for pre-registrations to these seminars, however, so there is a good chance they will be moved to a later date.

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