Shell Game

ShellOn my first deer hunting trip last year money was a little tight and so I had to borrow one of my brother’s rifles, a .357Magnum. It ended up not having enough stopping power to be legally used (though in the 2012 deer season, it is legal to use) and so I asked my hunting partner Jaime if I could use his 30-06. He didn’t mind at all…as long as he could use it first. You see, Jaime only had one deer rifle at the time. So it forced me into a scouting position for him to get his deer which actually turned out great for both of us. He got his behemoth mule buck on opening day and the next day I got my very first white tail buck. It was an amazing feeling going from a shouldered rifle in a standing position in the middle of a field to posturing properly, loading, adjusting my breathing and taking the perfect shot. I won’t forget it.

One way to make sure I never forget that single 30-06 round that scored my first buck and 8 months of tasty summer sausage for my family me to enjoy is to have the shell engraved. I kept that shell in my pocket for a few days after camp and secured it safely in my sock drawer for months, knowing it’s fate was to be emblazoned with the year I shot it, the caliber used and my name; a tradition Jaime and I decided would safeguard our deer camp memories for years to come.

Knowing the shell was under 24/7 surveillance, I wasn’t in a rush to get the engraving done. It wasn’t until July of the following year (this month) that Jaime was at a range in Kansas City that offers on-site engraving for bullet shells. What an amazing idea for ranges to offer a value-added service like that. It’s pure genius. So now I have another reason to make a bi-monthly trip to KC for a couple days of target practice, good food and drinks, and some amazing stogies.

After I get my shell engraved, I plan to bring it with me to deer camp this year as inspiration and encouragement. I hope all those attending camp this year have the same opportunity after getting your deer this November.


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  1. I really hope the round in the picture isn’t the shell you’ve been saving, what with still having the bullet and all 🙂

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