New Wildlife Camera!

My wife surprised me this week by finding an inexpensive camera on CraigsList for my hunting trips!  It’s great for both of us.  I’d been talking about wanting to take a camera out to deer camp so that if I got mine early I could scout around and photograph any other wildlife I ran into.  It’s a “win” for her, because now I won’t be taking her very nice DSLR into the frozen Nebraska Sandhills 🙂

It’s a nice camera, about $100 new, but much cheaper used.  Tonight, I got to take it for a test spin at Shawnee Mission Park near my home in the Kansas City suburb of Lenexa.  As is usually the case, zoom was important because you normally don’t have the good fortune to get right up next to wild animals.  All my shots were taken at about 100 yards, with the 12x zoom maxed out.

First, I took a picture of two deer on the adjacent golf course.  Pressed up against the chain link fence to get the best shot, I must have looked like some golf junky who couldn’t afford another “fix” 🙂 I didn’t even realize until I checked the pictures out at home, that these are yearlings!  Less than a year old, these two babies still have their spots.

We had the family in the car, so  I couldn’t stay long.  But heading out of the park, I spotted a brown speck in the distance.  I don’t want to brag, but I’m getting pretty good deer spotting, and it’s a skill I practice.  It took my wife a bit of squinting, and finally we pulled out the binoculars and confirmed a doe that was standing perfectly still.  I took several shots, and eventually she wandered right in front of a nearby bush.  This made it easier to get a good-contrasting shot.

There was actually another doe nearby, but it pretty much looks the same 🙂  Right before I started snapping doe pics, however, I spotted what I thought might be a turkey silhouette in by some trees.  I snapped a quick shot so I could check it out later, since the photos are a lot more telling on my computer than what I can see on the 2-inch LCD display.  After getting my good doe picture, I looked back to where I thought I saw the turkey, and the silhouette was gone.  I knew then that I’d seen *something*!

I scanned around for just a few seconds – the baby was in the van, and getting antsy – and I found not one, but THREE turkeys darting through the short grass between two wooded areas.  I couldn’t get all three in one shot, so I settled for zooming in on two:

I’m pleased with the quality, and I think this camera will do just fine in the Sandhills without jeopardizing our nicer equipment.  Thanks sweetie!


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