Deer Spotting

As I learn more about my camera, I’ve started to mess with the shutter speed settings.  This has allowed me to take some slightly less blurry shots 🙂  These were taken at 8:30pm, and didn’t suffer from low light at all.

This yearling whitetail doe was so easygoing (and new to the world) she didn’t mind me slowly approaching. In fact, as this photo shows, she even jaunted in my direction at one point, toward some grass that somehow looked tastier than the rest. I shot this when I was no more than 20 yards from her.

Yearling Whitetail Doe

This adult whitetail doe was a little more skittish, keeping to the treeline and watching me the entire time I was photographing the younger one. Afterward, I approached her and got about 30 yards away. I didn’t attempt to get any closer, and eventually she went back to grazing.

Adult Whitetail Doe


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