Deer Spotting

I’ve been hitting the elliptical machine every morning, but I can only stand about 25 minutes staring at the same patch of wall.  Music and downloaded Futurama re-runs don’t help much.  Tonight, I was also a little “blah” about scouting the same spots in the park.  The two issues came together nicely when I decided to hike some trails tonight in search of new deer spots.

On the drive through the park toward the trail, I saw something near the tree line peeking out at me:

Whitetail Fawn Peeking Through Some Tall Grass

I couldn’t figure out why it looked so small even though it wasn’t that far away.  Then I realized I had a fawn on my hands!

Whitetail Fawn in Tall Grass

Eventually I got too close, and scared it into the trees.  It was still curious enough to spy on me, though.

Whitetail Fawn Hiding in the Woods

I was after bigger game though! I hit the trail, and hiked quite a way without seeing anything.  Finally I crested a hill, and…nothing.  At first.  Do you see anything?  I’ve shrunk this picture to cancel out the zoom effect of the camera:

A whole lot of nothing?

Believe it or not, there are TWO bucks in this shot!  I caught a small glint off one of their backs from the setting sun.  Here’s a closer shot:

Two Whitetail Bucks About 200 Yards Away

Practicing my skills as the world’s chubbiest ninja, I began my usual routine of taking a picture, moving forward a few yards, and repeating.  They moved around a little, but eventually I got some good shots.

Wandering Whitetail Buck

Distrusting Whitetail Buck

These photos aren’t the highest quality, because it was getting close to 9pm and my camera gets fuzzier the darker it gets.  But I was able to close the distance to about 75-100 yards, thankfully.  I had to get proof of my great find!  I saw a total of three bucks in this field, and a doe as well.

On my hike back, I ran into another group of one doe and three bucks!  And these had much bigger antlers, but it was too dark to get proof.  I guess they’re the ones that got away.



  1. Reblogged this on 323 Archery Shoot and commented:
    We saw plenty of sign in our ‘Scouting. Kind of…’ trip Friday, however in an AMUSING note we did see five deer along the road on the way to Talbotton – looked like a doe and one yearling (right side) and a doe with two yearlings on the left, all alive, all healthy.

    1. Haha, as luck would have it the most impressive bucks I’ve seen have been after it was too dark to photograph!

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