Dead Meat

I’ve spotted a few deer so far this summer. Mostly they have been on my property; behind my barns or drinking from the pond. But today, I got a call from a neighbor who spotted a deer near the end of my driveway. I was ecstatic, but I was also about 25 minutes away. Would you believe that I got there in time to see it? I did. First, however, I had to call my wife and ask her if she could have my boys get our garden cart and pick him up off the side of the road and wheel him down to the garage. Oh, did I mention the deer had been hit by a vehicle and was deader than a doornail? That’s probably an important piece of the equation.

So the kids brought him back to the garage to do some field dressing and processing. I got home about 5 minutes later, drooling at the opportunity to get in some good practice ahead of deer camp 2012. Then reality sunk in when I pulled up and saw a spotted fawn so small that fit completely inside the garden cart. I made the decision to use the opportunity to teach my kids to field dress a deer knowing that I may or may not be able to use the meat. But why waste such an opportunity?

The kids all got some grubby clothes on and headed out to the garage where I was waiting with my buck knife in hand. Our two year old little girl was excited to touch it (as you can see by the picture) but didn’t want to “see the guts”. So I grabbed the deer and rolled him over only to find he was distended. So much for an exciting afternoon of educating the kids with a life lesson on being prepared and providing for themselves. Maybe next time.


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