Monthly Archives: October 2012

Say Hello To My Little…

I’ve got a new rifle for Deer Hunting this year and I am super excited to show it off. In selecting a rifle I wanted a powerful enough caliber to reach 200 yards easily, but without breaking the bank. I also wanted a composite stock for durability. That’s about all I know about rifles, so […]

Field Dressing Your Deer

I scoured YouTube in years past to find videos about field dressing.  It’s one of those things you just have to see – a list of instructions doesn’t cut it.  But it wasn’t until I was browsing the Kansas Dept of Wildlife site that I found this gem. The instructor walks through a very simple […]

A Good Rifle Sling is More Than Just a Carrier

If you visit and search for rifle slings, you’ll find a lot of options.  Read the user feedback, and it primarily revolves around how well the rifle stays on your shoulder when you’re hunting.  This is the main goal of a carry strap, but a true rifle sling is meant to do much more. […]

Kitchen Sink

So the old saying of everything but the kitchen sink no longer applies! We now have a kitchen sink, cupboard, pantry, cutting board, and gas range! This item is on temporary loan from the Whitford camping consortium. Woot woot!

Official Nebraska Hunting and Fishing Guide

Not sure about Android losers, ahem I mean users, but the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission has an iOS app for hunters and fisherman. Haven’t tested it yet, but the app suposedly includes the following: – Place to Hunt & Fish – Species Profiles – Rules and Regulations – License and Permit Info – Advanced […]

Cold Weather Camping

Intro: As we get closer to deer season and the weather changes I start pulling out my winter gear. Winter camping demands your attention and you must be properly equipped. If you aren’t properly prepared you will be cold or dead. While I may be new to deer hunting, I have been camping for many […]

Got Wood?

Got wood? Because I do! I’m proud to say it’s exactly 30 days until I load up a truck full of supplies for deer camp and I already have all the firewood we’ll need for the whole trip. It’s aged 1-3 years and I think it’s a relatively large supply of branches, twigs and wedge […]