Supplies Spreadsheet

We’ve had the email thread about supplies needed/covered go out, but this is a great place to keep a link to it in case you can’t find the email. Please go through the list and add your name to anything you can cover, add new items you can think of or be my guest to just wing it. However, if you choose the last option don’t plan on creeping toward my sleeping bag or dinner plate.

Hunting and camping is a blast. And in spite of sounding like a boyscout master and/or my mother, being prepared will make it more enjoyable and less call-an-ambulance-esque. Jaime and I forgot a couple supplies last year and assumed we could just pick up the missed items at the local WalMart or even QuickieMart (non-affiliated “Marts”, btw), but as it turned out, the closest store of any kind was about a 45 minute drive and they didn’t have a large selection! And after being exhausted from hiking for miles in the cold weather, driving an hour and a half round trip with half of what you needed to get really isn’t the highlight of the weekend.

Look through it. Add your name to what you can bring. Add items we may have forgotten. Leave a comment to this post if you have any questions. And…happy hunting.

Supplies Spreadsheet >


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