A Good Rifle Sling is More Than Just a Carrier

If you visit basspro.com and search for rifle slings, you’ll find a lot of options.  Read the user feedback, and it primarily revolves around how well the rifle stays on your shoulder when you’re hunting.  This is the main goal of a carry strap, but a true rifle sling is meant to do much more.  It can steady your shot to give you much needed accuracy in the Nebraska Sandhills, where good shooting opportunities are measured in hundreds of hards.

Here’s a great video showing how to do it properly.  I have to admit, I didn’t know about this in previous years.  I’ve tried it out at home, though, and it works great.  I’m looking forward to using it in the wild!

Another thing I gleaned from this and other videos is that I think I rely on the offhand shot (as in, shooting from a free-standing position) too much.  More mature hunters seem to take the few extra seconds necessary to find something to steady themselves, like a tree or fence post.  Sometimes this even includes getting into a more stable position like kneeling, sitting, or even fully prone.

I’m going to work on my patience this season.  My deer spotting has taught me that there are many times when you have more time than you’d think.  It’s more important to move slowly and quietly to a position that will improve your odds, than to snap the rifle up and risk spooking the deer or taking a bad shot.



  1. Shane Whitford · · Reply

    Very good post! Didn’t know that, but will definitely use the tip! Thanks.

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