Say Hello To My Little…

I’ve got a new rifle for Deer Hunting this year and I am super excited to show it off. In selecting a rifle I wanted a powerful enough caliber to reach 200 yards easily, but without breaking the bank. I also wanted a composite stock for durability. That’s about all I know about rifles, so I went to the closest gun shop, Exeter Arms! ( If you’re from Nebraska or northern Kansas check them out.

After explaining what I was looking for, Rob the owner, says he’s got the “perfect” rifle for me. I’m a little skeptical, but it took be about a 1/2 a second to lose all skepticism. Rob recommended the .308 Ruger American Rifle and I couldn’t be more pleased. The RAR comes with a black composite stock, adjustable trigger, and the “legendary” Ruger rotary magazine. (My “legendary” rotary magazine jammed on the second shot…)

There’s nothing I love more than a good deal, and each new RAR comes with a free cheekpad and 20% off on Ruger Accessories. So, I ordered my free cheekpad and found a clearance bi-pod for $20 and now I’m all set! Enjoy the pictures.





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  1. I like the pack on the stock that holds extra rounds and has a zipper pouch. That being said, I’d never use one! The temptation to overload that pouch would be too much, and I’d end up lugging a 25 pound rifle around all day 🙂

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