Nalgene Bottles: Narrow or Wide Mouth?

After years of successful hunting and adequate camping, we decided to try deer camp with a real camper. No, not this:

I’m talking about this:


We invited Shane to join our group last year, and having a genuine Eagle scout amongst us is better than a hundred third-world bike/trailer combos. One of the wonders he introduced us to was the Nalgene bottle, available in wide or narrow mouth:

32 Ounce Wide Mouth Nalgene Bottle32 Ounce Narrow Mouth Nalgene Bottle

These are awesome for many reasons. It’s nice to have drinking water, but as Shane taught us, that’s just the beginning. For instance, you can put hot water in these bottles at night, and keep it in your sleeping bag for great extra warmth. You can also drink some of that water overnight if you need.

Nalgene: Wide vs. Narrow Mouth

I started with a wide mouth bottle, because it’s a great all-around tool, and because I didn’t know any other version existed at the time. You can take water anywhere, and its simple, strong design is very reliable.

Recently, I purchased the narrow mouth version. I was amazed at how it improves the main function of the bottle: moving water from inside the bottle, to inside you. The smaller mouth is easier to keep open in the car, where the water won’t splash around and spill as easily.  It’s also amazingly comfortable! You really just have to try drinking out of one of these to appreciate it.  Nalgene did an awesome job.

When I bought the narrow mouth version, there was another option available:

humangear capcap

This is the capCAP by humangear, and don’t let the confusing name fool you. If you have a wide mouth Nalgene bottle, you can buy this attachment that serves as an adapter from wide mouth to narrow.

Why would you want this? I just figured it out today. I was going to be outside in the heat, and I wanted ice in my spiffy new narrow mouth Nalgene bottle, but no dice. The mouth is…too narrow! But what am I supposed to do, go back to a wide mouth version like a sucker? This little adapter solves the problem. It also costs almost as much as the bottle itself, so a wide-mouth plus the adapter together will set you back $20.  For the versatility, I think it’s completely worth it.

Drink up!


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