Un-Camo Your Field Dressing Knife

I have a buck knife that I love for field dressing everything from rabbits to mule deer. It features a camo sheath and handle:

sheathed camo buck knife

Believe it or not, I didn’t want the camo handle. I wanted blaze orange, but it doesn’t come on this blade. Why didn’t I want it? Because part of field dressing is being in a field, and when you set down your knife, it does what camo does best – it becomes very difficult to see, especially at dusk.

To fix this, I used some trail marking ribbon from Scheel’s. It’s $3 for a 150-foot roll. It’s great for marking trails, as the name suggests, but it’s also great for un-camo-ing your knife handle. It wraps around any contoured shape snugly, and you can finish the wrap with a dab of super glue:

camo knife handle wrapped in blaze orange trail marking tape

The handle feels just as contoured when I hold it, because the ribbon is stretchy. I wrapped just a couple of times around the handle. It should be enough to spot the knife when I drop it in the grass, and still doesn’t show when I have the knife sheathed. In fact, the picture of the sheathed knife above already has the tape on it since I didn’t think to take a “before” picture.

This was a two minute fix, and should make a big difference. And honestly, who needs a camo knife handle? During firearm season I’m covered in more blaze orange than anything. I think the “camo everything” fad has gone a little far.


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