Nebraska Deer Regulations: Antlered vs Antlerless

Like a lot of states, Nebraska doesn’t make a buck/doe distinction, not exactly. It still has to manage the deer population by controlling the ratio of bucks to does that are hunted, but it recognizes that as humans, we’re very bad at identifying deer gender by hormone scent alone.

Antlered vs Antlerless

Instead of going by gender, Nebraska says that a deer has to have antlers that measure six inches or more in length to qualify as “antlered”, and anything else is “antlerless”.  Why the six inch rule? First, at some angles short antlers can be hidden by the ears.  It would be unfair to blame hunters with an antlerless-only tag who mistakenly shot  a buck with 2-inch nubs (even though Kansas does this).

A nice advantage is that it gives young bucks a chance to mature before becoming “fair game” as officially antlered.


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