While this is the inaugural year for Windmill 12, the story goes back a little further.  In 2008, Jaime was 31, and his young family was finally stable enough that he could take time out of the year to go deer hunting with his father.  The biggest thing he’d hunted before this was rabbits, almost 20 years before.

He learned a lot hunting with his dad’s group of friends who had been hunting together for two decades.  But they’re a tight-knit group of older guys, most of whom used to work together as well. It was time to branch out.

In 2011, Jaime talked Jonathan into giving deer hunting a try.  It wasn’t going to be pretty.  Jaime only had 2 seasons of deer hunting under his belt – not exactly an expert.  And while his dad’s group had amassed every imaginable hunting/camping tool over the last couple decades, Jaime and Jonathan would be starting out with little more than a tent, two pots, and a single scoped rifle to share.

It was a blast.

The next year, they decided to expand and get others to join in the group.  In 20 years, they want their own tight-knit group of hunting veterans who have turned down shots at more deer than most people have even seen.  And so began Windmill 12, named after the location in the Nebraska Sandhills where Jaime and Jonathan nabbed their first of many trophy bucks!


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