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Jonathan vs the Dead Badger

Jonathan spotted a honey badger this deer season, after striking out with all species of deer. From 200 yards, the badger looked like a plastic bag caught in the thicket to Jonathan. To Andy and myself, it looked invisible. He hit it on the first shot, but was very nervous about approaching it. Badgers are […]

Testing the Video Camera

I brought a video camera to Deer Camp 2014, we recorded some stuff, and then I promptly put it away when we got home and forgot about it for six months. Here’s Jonathan testing out the camera in the truck.   This video stars Andy, then myself, then Jonathan. Sadly, Shane had already wussed out and […]

Nebraska Deer Regulations: Antlered vs Antlerless

Like a lot of states, Nebraska doesn’t make a buck/doe distinction, not exactly. It still has to manage the deer population by controlling the ratio of bucks to does that are hunted, but it recognizes that as humans, we’re very bad at identifying deer gender by hormone scent alone. Antlered vs Antlerless Instead of going […]

40 Days to Greatness

It occurred to me this weekend that we’re about forty days from Nebraska’s firearm deer season. That means we’re forty days from…DEER CAMP!!! Deer Camp is the glorious time in a 37 year old boy’s life when his preparation makes or breaks his season. This is the time for that preparation. My most pressing issue is my […]

The Right Load for the Right Game

I have a soft spot in my heart for Texas and the Marines, since many members of my family belong to one or the other. Both like to say “go big, or go home”. And I agree, usually. My preferred handgun caliber is .45 – because they don’t make a .46, heh. And so, when […]

Un-Camo Your Field Dressing Knife

I have a buck knife that I love for field dressing everything from rabbits to mule deer. It features a camo sheath and handle: Believe it or not, I didn’t want the camo handle. I wanted blaze orange, but it doesn’t come on this blade. Why didn’t I want it? Because part of field dressing […]

Nalgene Bottles: Narrow or Wide Mouth?

After years of successful hunting and adequate camping, we decided to try deer camp with a real camper. No, not this: I’m talking about this: We invited Shane to join our group last year, and having a genuine Eagle scout amongst us is better than a hundred third-world bike/trailer combos. One of the wonders he introduced us […]