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Jonathan vs the Dead Badger

Jonathan spotted a honey badger this deer season, after striking out with all species of deer. From 200 yards, the badger looked like a plastic bag caught in the thicket to Jonathan. To Andy and myself, it looked invisible. He hit it on the first shot, but was very nervous about approaching it. Badgers are […]

Testing the Video Camera

I brought a video camera to Deer Camp 2014, we recorded some stuff, and then I promptly put it away when we got home and forgot about it for six months. Here’s Jonathan testing out the camera in the truck.   This video stars Andy, then myself, then Jonathan. Sadly, Shane had already wussed out and […]

Nalgene Bottles: Narrow or Wide Mouth?

After years of successful hunting and adequate camping, we decided to try deer camp with a real camper. No, not this: I’m talking about this: We invited Shane to join our group last year, and having a genuine Eagle scout amongst us is better than a hundred third-world bike/trailer combos. One of the wonders he introduced us […]

Disappointing 2012 Nebraska Deer Season

Let me start off by saying, I love Nebraska.  Though I moved to Kansas City for work a few years ago, I spent ages 5-30 in the Cornhusker state.  That’s why when I started hunting deer five years ago, I did so in the Sandhills every chance I got. Now that I’ve hopefully established I’m […]

Say Hello To My Little…

I’ve got a new rifle for Deer Hunting this year and I am super excited to show it off. In selecting a rifle I wanted a powerful enough caliber to reach 200 yards easily, but without breaking the bank. I also wanted a composite stock for durability. That’s about all I know about rifles, so […]

Field Dressing Your Deer

I scoured YouTube in years past to find videos about field dressing.  It’s one of those things you just have to see – a list of instructions doesn’t cut it.  But it wasn’t until I was browsing the Kansas Dept of Wildlife site that I found this gem. The instructor walks through a very simple […]

Kitchen Sink

So the old saying of everything but the kitchen sink no longer applies! We now have a kitchen sink, cupboard, pantry, cutting board, and gas range! This item is on temporary loan from the Whitford camping consortium. Woot woot!