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Nebraska Deer Regulations: Antlered vs Antlerless

Like a lot of states, Nebraska doesn’t make a buck/doe distinction, not exactly. It still has to manage the deer population by controlling the ratio of bucks to does that are hunted, but it recognizes that as humans, we’re very bad at identifying deer gender by hormone scent alone. Antlered vs Antlerless Instead of going […]

The Right Load for the Right Game

I have a soft spot in my heart for Texas and the Marines, since many members of my family belong to one or the other. Both like to say “go big, or go home”. And I agree, usually. My preferred handgun caliber is .45 – because they don’t make a .46, heh. And so, when […]

Ballistics Calculator

Been doing some research on MOA calculations and found this handy ballistics calculator. Bison Ballistics Calculator I’ve used it to calculate my Hornady SST 150 Grain ammo for the hunt and it’s very interesting how the bullet nearly zeroes at 25 and 250 yards.