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The 9 Best Mountain Bike rides in Eastern Massachusetts.

Here are some of our favorite mountain bike rides within a 45 minute drive of Dedham Bike. 

When most people talk about New England mountain biking, they usually focus on singletrack, difficult technical trails, unforgettable rock gardens and fun dirt roads and miles and miles of hidden local gems.

We love riding near our home base in Dedham, and want to make it easy for you to find your new favorite trail networks around Boston.  This list has rides and mountain bike destinations for all types of mountain bikers, from easy to rides that would challenge so of the best riders in New England and beyond.

Cutler Park on

Cutler Park contains 9 miles of Trails that are are between Newton and Needham Mass along Route 128. With some difficult singletrack near the parking area and other easier paths that circle Kendrick Pond, this trail network has a ton of variety.

Not only that, but this destination offers connections to other close by parks, Riverdale Park, Millenium Park, the Brook Farm Conservation Area, and Nahanton Park that expand the trail network to as many as 22 miles of trails for a killer day in the saddle.

Needham Town Forest on

Needham Town Forest, which is also known as High Rock Town Forest includes 11 miles of some fun challenging trails.  Fun in all directions as there aren't any massive climbs.  This network is the site of the old Boston Cup Mountain bike rides.  If you like technical and fun, this spot might be for you.

Hale Reservation

Hale Reservation / Noanet Woods in Dover offer 1200 acres of some fun and easy trails (Page and Sadie Trail) around Noannet Pond as well as some more difficult and fun rides that are often unmarked sections of techy, and at times extreme singletrack.

Adams Farm on

Adams Farm, located in Walpole is some 700 acres of a lot of cross country mountain biking. These mainly flat trails feature a whopping 77 feet of vertical gain. The fun art Adams Farm is had due to how the trails wind you through the forest.

Blue Hills Reservation on

Blue Hills Reservation in Milton, MA features 7000 Acres of varied terrain. This spot has it all: easy flat rides, the most vertical terrain of any of Southern, Ma, and a ton of fun.

This system of multi-use trails is also open to hikers, and horses. The Official Blue Hills Reservation Trail Map reminds us to always yeild to hikers and horseback riders on the reservation.

F. Gilbert Hills State Forest on

F. Gilbert Hills / Foxboro State Forest offers the full Kitchen Sink of super fun mountain bike trails.  Forest roads and miles and miles of cross country singletrack that are a perfect destination when other trail destinations are either muddy or super hot.  The glacial till has great drainage and the forest's shade offers cooler conditions.

Borderland State Park on

Borderland State Park has tons of trails that are eirther easy or super technical with bare rocks that remind us of the Fells and Moab. You'll find lots of rocks and roots.

This can be a fun place to take the whole family if tackle the easy trails and can be a super fun spot to go with your riding buddies seeking some of the harder trails in Massachusetts.

Vietnam Trail Network on

Vietnam Trails, near Milford offer some super challenging technical trails that are perfect for enduro riders and people looking for jumps and large features.  It also offers tons of scenic easier rides and up to 32 miles of trails.  We love that it is NEMBA and rider owned. If you want to ride easier terrain, stay towards the southern sections of the trails, while the Northern sections tend to be more difficult and technical.  Favorite rides in the north start off the Nemba Way.  As you look at the trail widget, start on that trail and explore the trails that branch away.

Middlesex Fells on

Middlesex Fells is the mountain bike riding destination within a short 20 minute drive of Boston. The Fells features tons of terrain (2,575 acres and 21 miles of trails) as well as tons of hikers, and jopggers so make sure to yield!

The Fells has a lot of variety for you to explore. You'll find fun flowy singletrack, fun climbs, fast descents and also some tough techy sections that will grab you if you're not careful.

Here's a link to the official DCR Trail Map.